Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New York Daily News

I got called Madame by a woman trying to sell me the New York Daily News over the phone.


Pat Byrnes said...

Two things. One, belated congrats on your nuptials. My wife informed me after talking to your father-in-law. What makes this apropos of the blog is that she commented on it being a "small world" sort of contact, though I don't believe she meant it in the short sense.

Second is a story I am offering to make this comment relevant to this post. When I was about 30-ish and working in advertising, a rep cold called me to come in and play me somebody's reel. I agreed, but when the appointment came and I went to greet her in the lobby, she hesitated. After our meeting, she explained why. "You know how you get a mental picture of someone from their voice?" she began. "Well, from our phone call, I expected to meet..." (wait for it) "... a middle-aged, overweight black woman."

As Maxwell Smart would say, missed it by that much.

Michael English said...

You are a funny guy. Really.

Also, your recent New Yorker cartoon, "Ray's Exterminating" was very thought provoking. Did you know that it closely reflects an interesting idea put forth by Thomas Paine in article he wrote for the July 1776 Pennsylvania Magazine? Sort of.

Keep up all the funniness. We need it.